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What isn’t there to love about smart desk gadgets? These accessories make your work-from-home or office schedule more productive, efficient, and, well, enjoyable. You spend most of your waking life working, so why not invest in yourself with tech that can streamline your tasks and make your days more stress-free? In today’s Daily Digest, we have an abundance of accessories that can do just that.

How many times have you felt harried at work? Maybe you’re tired of waiting for your smartphone to charge at your desk so you can take an important call on the go. Perhaps there are too many wires strewn about your desk. Or maybe you simply want to make your workday easier. Smart desk gadgets can help alleviate tension by organizing your workspace, encouraging healthy work habits, and providing multiple functions.

Take the LumiCharge II, for example. It’s a multifunctional lamp with a charging area for your phone and a digital display to share the time, temperature, and more. This accessory is the perfect example of a smart device that offers an array of features, helping make your life easier and your desk more organized. Discover our list below of other desk accessories that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

1. The Uppeal Desk floor-to-standing desk adjusts from 15″ low to 47″ high for floor sitting, seated, and standing positions.


Boasting incredible versatility, the Uppeal Desk floor-to-standing desk allows you to sit comfortably and healthily while you work. Moreover, it includes a capacitive touch control panel with 4 custom memory settings on the desk’s keypad. So you can adjust the height of the desk with a simple touch of a button.

Preorder this smart desk from Kickstarter for $679.

2. Power through your workday with the KeySmart TaskPad wireless charging desk pad. It features a built-in power bank.


Effortlessly charge your smartphone with the KeySmart TaskPad wireless charging desk pad. Its integrated power bank powers your device quickly thanks to its 10 watts of output power. This design means that you don’t have to have wires taking up space on your desk. Best of all, it features a textured material to flawlessly track mouse movements. It’s even resistant to water and stains.

Order this smart desk gadget for a reduced price of $99.99.

3. Power up to 3 devices on the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad. It’s a smart desk gadget designed for convenience.


Use the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad to simultaneously charge an Apple Watch at up to 2.5 W, AirPods at up to 5 W, and a Qi-enabled phone at up to 7.5 W. This way, you don’t have to have an abundance of wires scattered across your desk, keeping your space decluttered. Simply align your gadgets on the marked areas, and the LED lights will illuminate once they’re charging.

Purchase this desk accessory for $119.99.

4. Upload and save work to the cloud with the Wipebook Pro +. It’s a useful workspace accessory for note-taking and sketching.


The Wipebook Pro + is a smart, 20-page notebook with wipe-clean whiteboard surfaces. It’s ideal for a workspace because you’ll save paper from taking notes while ensuring that your creations are backed up securely to the cloud. And, with a combination of graph-lined and ruled pages, it’s perfect for all tasks.

Order this smart accessory for $45.

5. Charge up to 6 devices at once with the Intelli POWERHUB. It offers 10 W charging for fast and efficient powering.


Additionally, the Intelli POWERHUB uses the latest charging technology including Qi, fast-charge USB, and type-C charging to power your gadgets throughout the day. It’s equipped with 2 USB-A standard outputs, an 18 W fast USB-C input, and 2 built-in power outlets. So you’ll never have to deal with a drained battery again.

Purchase this multiport charging station for $49.99.

6. The Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand magnetically grabs your phone and perfectly aligns it for optimal charging.


Never encounter a low-battery moment with the Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand. It’s a smart desk accessory with an adjustable hinge that lets you select your optimal viewing angle. You can even fold the stand flat to avoid screen distractions or for convenient transportation.

This accessory is coming in later 2021 and will cost $79.95.

7. Make videoconferences easier and more streamlined with the Series One Google Meet room kits. They’re a useful workspace accessory for answering video calls without clarity issues.


Designed with an array of smart features—such as TrueVoice to eliminate unwanted background noise—the Series One Google Meet room kits streamline online work calls. So you can experience a stress-free videoconference, which, inevitably, helps to uplift your mood during a workday. Additionally, the camera features a large image sensor that pans, tilts, and zooms to frame you perfectly.

Order this accessory for $2,949.

8. Improve your health while working with the Autonomous SmartDesk 2. It lets you save your ideal sitting or standing positions for convenient adjustments in the office or at home.


Incorporate the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 into your daily work routine. This piece of furniture encourages you to get up and move while never falling behind on work tasks. Moreover, it produces less than 45 dB of sound when adjusting to different positions thanks to the high-tech motors.

Purchase this desk for $699.

9. The LumiCharge II multifunctional lamp is a light, universal phone dock, wireless charger, and charging station all in one.

With the LumiCharge II multifunctional lamp, you can limit the number of gadgets and accessories taking over your desk. That’s because this smart lamp integrates all of the essential workspace gadgets into one unit. Additionally, its built-in screen displays the date, time, and temperature setting. So you don’t need to have a separate clock on your desk.

Order this smart lamp for $99.

10. The Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk includes an embedded Qi fast charger to power your smartphone.


Finally, the Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk has everything you need for an organized and efficient workspace. In particular, it features a power bank for charging your device. The surge protector includes 6 outlets and 2 USB ports to provide more capacity and offer excellent cable management. This piece of furniture also includes a remote control with 4 stop locations for convenience.

Purchase this desk for $3,550.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top smart desk gadgets that are designed to make your time 9–5 more efficient. What are your go-to desk accessories? Share your recommendations in the comments.


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