Amazon’s still running its phenomenal Honor Magic 5 Pro Prime Day deal

Prime Day might be over, but you can still pick up the brilliant Honor Magic 5 Pro for a knock down price with this Amazon deal.

Yesterday we brought you this brilliant Prime Day deal on one of the better flagship smartphones we’ve used this year. Amazon’s epic sales event has now finished, but not all of the deals have.

You can now pick up the Honor Magic 5 Pro for just £799.99, which is a saving of £150 or 16% on the £949.99 RRP. True, that isn’t quite as good as yesterday’s Prime Day deal, but it’s not far off, and you don’t have to be a paid up Prime member to take advantage of this one either.

Save £150 on the Honor Magic 5 Pro
Amazon is still selling the Honor Magic 5 Pro cheap after Prime Day, with a healthy £150 discount.

Save £150
Now £799.99

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This is for a very recently released phone, too. Having only launch in March, the Honor Magic 5 Pro is very much a relevant, fresh smartphone.

In fact, it’s one of our favourite phones of the year so far. Our mobile editor Lewis scored the Magic 5 Pro 4.5 stars out of 5, and called it “a nice all-in-one package with features that rivals some of the most popular smartphones on the market at a much cheaper price”. That was at the full £950, so you can only imagine what he thinks of it at this price.

He particularly like the IR-enabled 3D facial recognition system, which grants the kind of genuinely secure authentication that you simply don’t get very often on Android. If you’ve used Face ID on an iPhone, you know how blissfully intuitive this can be.

Lewis also praised the Honor Magic 5 Pro’s flagship performance, its excellent triple camera system, and its all-day battery life. Having used the phone quite a bit myself, I’d add that the display is absolutely fabulous.

With this deal, you really should be taking the Honor Magic 5 Pro into consideration if you’re shopping for a new top-end phone.

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