Android 12 is now available – here’s where you can download it now

Google has announced that Android 12 is now available to download for owners of a number of the brand’s Pixel devices.

Google has finally officially announced the launch of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro today, and there were many exciting updates, including the brand new operating system, Android 12.

Google has clearly put a lot of love into Android 12, with the company claiming that it’s the most personal OS yet since it brings in redesigned widgets that are more dynamic, alongside a heavy emphasis on customisation.

However, anyone who’s not yet in the market for a new phone will be very pleased to know that the newest OS can be installed on older Pixel phones, specifically from the Pixel 3 and above.

So anyone who’s got an older model Pixel phone can look forward to all the new upgrades that are coming, including a new indicator that tells you when your microphone or camera is turned on, with the new ability to disable both the camera or mic from the drop-down menu in Quick Settings.

Plus, Android 12 puts privacy in the spotlight, as you can check out your own privacy permissions at a glance, meaning that you have a clear view of when apps are accessing your location, microphone or camera within the last 24 hours.

And now, the new update makes your phone more accessible, as a window magnifier means you can zoom in on part of your screen while still preserving the rest of what you were looking at for context.

Plus, your phone will automatically enable dim lighting when you’re in low light environments, making it easier to have a cheeky nighttime scroll in bed.

So, anyone with the right specified phone should check out the latest OS upgrade, and anyone who wants to know how we felt about the change can check out the review for the Pixel 6 by clicking on the link prior.

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