Android 12L drops some hints on Google Pixel Fold form factor

Google has released the second beta of Android 12L, and it drops some intriguing morsels of information on the form of the so-called Google Pixel Fold.

Android 12L is a forthcoming version of Google’s mobile OS that’s better catered to tablet and foldable phone form factors. Think of it as Google’s iPad OS, with extra bendy properties.

It’s those latter elements that are of particular interest in Beta 2. 9to5Google has noticed references to a foldable device that could only be the long-rumoured Google Pixel Foldable.

New animations show things like how to insert a SIM card into a foldable phone, together with references to the “Pipit” codename, which has previously been used in reference to Google’s foldable phone project.

While the device itself is rendered as a rudimentary outline, the shape of the foldable phone in those animations is noteworthy. It seems that this Google foldable is much stubbier in its folded-up form than the current champ, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In fact, it’s much closer to the Oppo Find N, which suggests that the Google Pixel Fold will have a much squarer aspect ratio than the Samsung when unfurled.

You get the full effect in a second animation showing the unfolded device. It shows a small divot at the top, signifying a top-to-bottom hinge, and an elongated power button along the right hand edge.

The main thing to draw from this, though, is that the Google Pixel Fold is still very much in the works. Back in November, supply chain rumours suggested that Google had put its foldable concept on the back burner.

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