Apple brings back much-missed battery feature in iOS 16 beta


Apple is bringing the battery percentage indicator back to the iPhone status bar, judging by the latest iOS 16 beta dropping today.

The numerical indicator made was among the collateral damage when Apple introduced the notch design when it introduced the iPhone X almost five years ago.

As a result, users have had to rely on the imprecise visual indicator, or swipe down to see the actual battery percentage within the control centre. There have been the low power modes that show the battery indicator in yellow and red respectively, and the indicator is green when charging.

However, if you’re rationing the battery life, it’s more convenient to simply glance at the display and know precisely where you’re at. We presume Apple has come to the same conclusion, as the battery percentage figure and now lives inside the battery icon within beta 5 of iOS 16.

Image credit: 9to5Mac

The feature has been long requested by iPhone users – this one included – and hopefully Apple brings it back when the consumer version of iOS 16 arrives in the next month or so. There are no guarantees though, as Apple often tries out things in the beta versions before shelving them when the real deal lands on consumer devices.

9to5Mac reports the feature can be quickly enabled by heading to Settings > Battery and then turning on the new Battery Percentage option. For some users on the iOS beta, the feature is turned on by default.

For some users, this feature may supersede many of the headline iOS 16 features Apple debuted at WWDC 2022. Those included the brand new lock screen design – another place where the battery percentage potentially could appear – as well as the new Messages feature.

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