Apple might be trolling Android with iOS 17 Messages plans

If you’ve listened to any of Google’s public communications re: Android lately, the company invariably has something to say about Apple’s refusal to embrace RCS messages and end the inequity within iPhone and Android group chats.

Apple, thus far, has been resistant to the change, and now might be going a step farther by resolving some of the ‘green bubble’ issues for iPhone owners, but not for their Android counterparts.

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The snoops at XDA Developers have delved into the iOS 17 beta and found that Apple might introduce some benefits only visible to iPhone owners.

For example, you might soon be able to reply to individual messages in those cross platform group chats, but only iPhone owners will be able to see them in-line.

The same goes for improved video quality. Right now if you try to send a video across platforms, everyone will see that clip as a low resolution, barely recognisable blur. If Apple’s plans come to fruition, iPhone users will see those videos at the proper resolution. Android users will continue struggle to make out what’s going on.

iOS users will be able to edit their green bubble messages, if the feature lives to see the final release of iOS 17. For Android users, these will manifest as separate messages.

Of course, it’s possible Apple will continue working on this feature in order to be more inclusive before the final version of iOS 17 launches this autumn. However, right now it looks like Apple will continue to thumb its nose at Google’s calls for a more inclusive solution.

Google has criticised Apple for not adopting RCS, accusing its Silicon Valley rival of putting smartphone owners’ security at risk, because cross platform messaging still relies on the ancient SMS/MMS technology.

At least Android users won’t get shouted at for ruining the group chat anymore *glares at my brother in law as the only one of 11 not to have an iPhone*. If you want to take the new messaging features for a spin, here’s how to download the iOS 17 beta.

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