Apple reportedly struggling with low iPhone demand

Apple is reportedly having to revise its iPhone production orders due to slowing demand.

We’ve reported quite a lot on Apple’s struggles with the current global chip shortage. We wrote about how the company couldn’t make enough iPhone 13 models, that it was having to halve iPad production to bolster iPhone production, and the like.

If Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple needn’t have worried so much about the supply side of the equation. It’s the demand part that should be of concern.

Apparently, Apple was facing a shortfall of 10 million units from its initial 90 million unit goal due to lack of parts, but was hoping to make those numbers up next year. As it turns out, though, the company doesn’t believe those extra orders will be needed, and has told vendors as much.

While Apple is said to be on course for a bumper Christmas, with a 6% bump in sales for the final quarter of the year, it’s still going to be something of a disappointment for the company.

With an new strain of Covid-19 prompting concerns, and inflation biting hard, it seems shoppers won’t be in such a spendy mood this festive period. In such an environment, a shiny new iPhone 13 may not be on the cards.

Which is something of a shame, because this year’s crop is excellent. The iPhone 13 supplies a surprisingly sizeable bump to camera quality and battery life, while the iPhone 13 Pro is the first iPhone to be worthy of the ‘Pro’ title.

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