Best Samsung Galaxy Deals for June 2023: Massive S23 Ultra reductions

The latest Samsung Galaxy phones may cost a pretty penny by default, but these deals can help you save a ton on your next upgrade.

In the world of Android phones, very few companies share an Apple-like level of brand recognition quite like Samsung. It isn’t too hard to understand why given that the company’s been pushing the boundaries of Android for years now, and it shows – Samsung’s high-end ‘Ultra’ phones have even managed to turn the heads of several Apple users here at Trusted Reviews.

Unfortunately, being Apple’s closest competitor on the other side of the aisle has resulted in some incredibly high prices for Samsung handsets, and in the company’s current line-up of Galaxy S23 devices, they are just as expensive as the iPhone 14 range which can make for quite a shock for anyone upgrading from a much older device.

The iPhone 14 and the Galaxy S23 both have a starting price of £849 which, for a lot of people, simply isn’t feasible. Luckily, there are plenty of deals out there that let you circumvent these high costs, and we’ve managed to bring them to this very page to save you all the legwork.

If you’re still trying to decide which type of phone to upgrade to then you can also check out our round-ups of the best iPhone deals, but for everything Samsung-related, just keep reading on.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a beast of a smartphone, and easily one of the most premium Android handsets on the market right now with a camera set-up that stands up among the best of them.

Galaxy S23 Ultra with Unlimited Data
The Galaxy S23 Ultra is now so cheap that wouldn’t make sense to opt for any other phone while it’s still going for this price.
£79 upfront
Only £39.99/month

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S23 Ultra and Galaxy Chromebook Go Bundle
Samsung fans can nab an S23 Ultra with a Galaxy Chromebook Go for a seriously reduced price with this incredible bundle.

Was £1698
Now £1249

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Best Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus Deals

Even though they represent a minor upgrade over their predecessors, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus are still reliable handsets that pack a great design with a gorgeous screen and a battery life that can last you all day.

Galaxy S23 Plus Bargain
The 512GB Galaxy S23 Plus is now available with 160GB for a price that’s far less than buying the phone outright.

Mobile Phones Direct
£149 upfront
Only £31/month

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Get the Galaxy S23 with 200GB of data for £855
The Samsung Galaxy S23 can currently be snagged with a healthy 200GB of data for just £34 a month and £39 up front. Altogether, that’s almost the same price as a Galaxy S23 on its own.

Mobile Phones Direct
200GB data contract
£34 a month, £39 up front

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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus Deals

Last year’s standard Samsung Galaxy phones are still great devices in their own right and among the best mid-range phones available right now.

Get the Galaxy S22 for £23.99 a month and £19 up front
Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 with 100GB of monthly data for £23.99 a month and £19 up front.
100 GB data
£23.99 a month, £19 up front

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Best Samsung Galaxy A54 Deals

Samsung latest mid-ranger is a great phone that lets you enjoy all the benefits of the company’s clean take on Android, without having to fork out tons of money for premium features that you don’t need.

Samsung Galaxy A54 with 30GB of data
The Galaxy A54 is now available for as little as £21 a month and with plenty of data to boot.

Affordable Mobiles
No upfront cost
Only £22/month

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Galaxy A54 with Unlimited Data
If you want a low cost phone with tons of data to boot then you won’t find a better pick than this A54 deal.

Mobile Phones Direct
£49 upfront
Only £23/month

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Which Samsung Galaxy should I get?

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to Samsung Galaxy phones, so it’s only fair to wonder which one is actually right for you. For a high-end Samsung experience that’s easy to use and doesn’t break the bank, either the S22 or S22 Plus will suit you down to the ground. If you’re after true top-tier specs and you want your phone to be more of a personal computer, then the Galaxy S22 Ultra is your best bet.

For the folks who want to be ahead of the curve then the Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 are seriously tempting prospects, but be aware that they have very different demographics. Because of its ability to shoot hands-free video, the Z Flip 4 is best for filming and content creation, while the Z Fold 4 excels in multitasking thanks to its large internal display.

You might be wondering where the more affordable Samsung Galaxy A and M phones fit into all of this. Those handsets are aimed more at the budget end of the spectrum, and if that’s where your interest lies then I’d recommend checking out our round-up of the best cheap phones.

Should I get a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone?

Given their well established rivalry, it’s only natural to ponder whether it’s worth picking up an iPhone over a Samsung Galaxy phone. Of course, there are almost too many aspects to list when understanding what differentiates these devices, so for a deep dive, we recommend reading our explainer of Android vs iOS.

From a pricing standpoint however, Samsung does have the upper hand as the base Galaxy S22 is more affordable than the iPhone 14 (£769 and £849 respectively), which could weigh heavily on your decision over which handset to buy.

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