Best Samsung phone: The top Galaxy phones we’ve tested and reviewed


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The best high-end Samsung phone


Stunning display with fantastic detail and brightnessVersatile camera system with impressive zoomGood low-light camera performanceFast charging Promise of many years of updates


Battery life should be betterDesign a step backwardYou need to buy the fast charger separately

If money is no object, you want the very best specs and don’t mind a large phone, then we think the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best Samsung phone you can buy in 2022. This will likely come as no surprise, considering this is Samsung’s top-end phone for the year.

Based on our testing, as well as having the most developed feature set you’ll find on an Android phone, the S22 Ultra is also very pleasant to use day-to-day. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a great display, powerful internals and the handy benefits of the included S Pen – a feature you won’t find on any other phones included in this list.

The S Pen is a small stylus that slides inside the device and allows you to draw and write on the display. We think it’s a great tool that makes it wonderfully pleasant to scribble notes and edit excel sheets on the go.

Another feature you won’t find on many other phones, and certainly none of the cheaper Samsung phones included within this list, is a fantastic zoom camera. While the S22 Plus can take great shots with the wide and ultrawide cameras, it’s the expanded zoom skills of the Ultra model that really set it apart when we reviewed it.

The capabilities on offer easily beat the competition from Apple and Google. We’re not talking about hitting 100x – these shots still look grainy – but at 10x and below the results are fantastic and a real reason to pick up this phone over a rival.

Away from the camera, the S22 Ultra stands as the best Samsung phone in a number of other ways. It has the best screen in the form of a 1440p OLED with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate for slick scrolling and gaming. There’s also the promise of many years of upgrades, fast charging (if you provide your own charger) and customisable software.

Of course, the large size of this phone will put many off – as will the price. That’s why we have a few more options recommended below.

Reviewer: Max Parker

Full review: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review


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