Don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 to be cheaper

Samsung may have sold ten million foldable phones, but the price of the Fold and Flip ranges is still quite prohibitive for much of the public.

It had been hoped that, as Samsung mastered the technology and the production got a little more affordable, prices may come down to match handsets with the standard form factor. The Flip 3 and Fold 3 were evidence of this as Samsung dropped the prices for both devices, compared to their predecessors, when they arrived in August 2021.

However, a new leak has suggested the prices for the Flip 4, set to be announced on August 10, may actually go up. If that is the case, surely the Fold 4 will follow suit too.

According to a post (via SamMobile) from regular leakster, Sudhanshu Ambhore the European price for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will start at 1,080 Euros for the model with 128GB of storage. That’s up from the 1,049 Euros cost of the base Galaxy Z Flip 3 model.

The launch price in the UK was £949, so it’s possible that too may creep closer to the £1,000 mark if Samsung decides to raise the prices across the board. In the United States, the phone started at $999, so could also go above the $1,000 mark.

While it would be a modest increase for sure, many fans are hoping the price might actually creep below the 1,000 Euro mark this time around. Whether the optics of a price hike would affect the device’s ability to catch on though remains to be seen.

The leak also says there will be a 256GB model, which will cost 1,160 Euros, according to the leaker, and a top end 512GB model that may be priced at 1,280 Euros.

We should find out the prices on August 10 when Samsung holds an Unpacked launch event where next generation foldable phones will take centre stage.

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