Finally, a proper Galaxy 23 Ultra bargain

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is arguably the best premium phone on the market right now, which means that bargain deals are pretty hard to come by. Check this one out.

Mobile Phones Direct is currently offering the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in its 256GB guise, on a very healthy 24 month O2 contract with unlimited everything (data, texts and minutes). The price: £50 per month with a £79 up front fee.

That might still sound like quite a lot of money, but tot everything up and you’ll be paying £1,279 altogether. That’s almost the same price as buying this model of the Galaxy S23 Ultra outright (£1,249), which means you’re virtually getting that Unlimited data contract for free.

Get the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a virtually free Unlimited data contract
This deal gets you the Galaxy S23 Ultra with an unlimited data contract and 6 months of Disney Plus for about the same price as the phone outright.

Mobile Phones Direct
Unlimited data & 6 months Disney Plus
£50 a month & £79 up front

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The goodies don’s stop there either. This Galaxy S23 Ultra bargain also gives you six months of Disney Plus. It also gives you a £150 guaranteed discount when trade in an old phone, regardless of condition.

As we’ve already mentioned, we rate the Galaxy S23 Ultra as the best flagship Android phone on the market. We scored 4.5 stars out of 5 in our review, calling it “a smartphone that does it all”.

“It has one of the best displays, a top-notch stylus experience, blisteringly fast performance and a camera setup that beats just about anything in the flagship arena right now.”

There have been a couple of challengers to that latter photographic throne in recent times, including the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and the Oppo Find X6 Pro. But you probably won’t be able to buy one of those in your territory, and they can’t match the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the telephoto stakes anyway.

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