Forget the iPhone 14, this iPhone 13 deal is too good to miss

The iPhone 14 is all well and good, but when you can save so much money on an iPhone 13 deal, we know which Apple phone we’d go for.

Click on the deal below and you’ll be able to sign up for an iPhone 13 on a 24 month contract, with 50GB of data, for a very reasonable £30.99 a month. There’s also an up front fee of £79.

We’ve been monitoring the situation, and iPhone 13 contracts have been surprisingly pricey of late. There hasn’t been all that much reason not to simply spend a tad more and get the iPhone 14. This iPhone 13 deal, however, represents a meaningful discount.

Get an iPhone 13 with 50GB of data for £30.99 a month
The iPhone 13 is still a great phone, and you can grab it for £30.99 a month, with a £79 up front fee, on a 24 month contract with 50GB of data.
50GB of data
£30.99 a month, £79 up front

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As we mentioned, you’ll also be getting 50GB of monthly data as part of the package, which is very healthy indeed. Naturally, you get unlimited texts and minutes as well.

We can kind of understand why the iPhone 13 kept its price for so long. After all, it’s very similar indeed to its successor, the iPhone 14. In fact, the latest iPhone could be the smallest upgrade in the line’s history.

It has the same design, the same display, and essentially even the same processor. All that’s really better in the iPhone 14 is its camera, and even then the iPhone 13 is no slouch in that regard.

There’s a reason we rated the iPhone 13 higher at launch, with a 4.5-star review. In a recent update of said review, we concluded that “the iPhone 13 remains a strong upgrade for those who haven’t switched phones for a number of years, especially when the smaller updates of the iPhone 14 are taken into consideration.”

Battery life is excellent, as is the bright, vivid OLED display. As we’ve already alluded to, the main camera takes excellent pictures in both good and bad lighting.

Factor in Apple’s famously long-lasting support – there are years in the iPhone 13 yet – and this deal becomes the safest of safe bets.

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