Get ready for iOS 17 with this iPhone 14 price crash

With iOS 17 just around the corner, make sure you’ve a phone fit for the job with this iPhone 14 deal.

Apple announced iOS 17 at its recent WWDC keynote address, and it turns out that the likes of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X will not be getting support for the new operating system. If the arrival of iOS 17 promises to leave you out in the cold, you might want to consider checking out this iPhone 14 deal. It’s a doozy.

The deal gets you the iPhone 14 on a 24 month iD Mobile contract with a generous 100GB of monthly data, all for just £36.99 per month. There’s no up front fee whatsoever.

Get an iPhone 14 on contract with 100GB of data for £36.99 a month
Secure an iPhone 14 ahead of iOS 17’s release on a 24 month contract for just £36.99 a month, with no up front fee.
100GB data
£36.99 a month, no up front fee

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This is one of the best iPhone deals around right now. If you tot that up over the length of the contract, you’ll be paying just shy of £890 all in. The iPhone 14 on its own would set you back £849, and that’s without that data-rich contract.

We like the iPhone 14 a lot, awarding it a 4-star review. It’s “a great phone with a top camera, good battery life and all the iOS benefits.”

Thos “iOS benefits” will include a timely upgrade to iOS 17, which Apple just announced. The new operating system, which you can expect to roll out this autumn, promises to add features like a new Journal app, Standby Mode, and Live Voicemail.

Standby will essentially turn your iPhone into a bedside smart display when charging in landscape view, while Live Voicemail will offer you a live transcript of voice messages as they’re being recorded, so you can choose whether to pick up the phone.

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