Google may launch five Pixel phones in 2025 with a Fold, a Flip and no ‘a’

Google could opt for an iPhone-style line-up of Pixel phones by 2025 with two foldables and two Pro models, according to a purportedly leaked roadmap.

Android Authority reports it has been contacted by a leaker who has revealed what’s said to be Google’s Pixel strategy for the next three years. It includes foldables and the gradual phasing out of the ‘a’ series mid-rangers.

The roadmap predicts Google will introduce its first foldable phone in 2023, thought to be named the Pixel Fold, as has been heavily rumoured. That would be joined by the Pixel 7a, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

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Things start to deviate in 2024. The Pixel 8a would be the last of its ilk, while there’ll also be a Pixel 9 as well as a pair of Pixel 9 Pro options – at 6.3-inches and 6.7-inches. It’ll be joined by the Pixel Fold 2, the leaker says.

2025 is where it gets really interesting though, with Google said to be considering two strategies that will certainly include at least one Pixel 10, two Pixel 10 Pro models and a Pixel Fold 3. The last device of the five may be a Pixel Flip or a larger standard Pixel 10.

The report says:

First, Google is toying with the idea of having a flip-style foldable phone to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip series. However, if Google abandons the flip-style device, it would move ahead with four non-folding phones. That would be a vanilla model in small and large sizes and a pro model in small and large sizes. Once again, this would directly line up with Apple’s current strategy for iPhones.Android Authority

Google’s entry into foldable phones is probably a little belated at this point, considering the work it has done with Android to optimise the operating system for the flexible displays. The Pixel Fold will certainly be one of the most anticipated releases of 2023, should it indeed arrive.

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