Google promises fix for Pixel 6 Wi-Fi, broken by its fix for other bugs

Google has confirmed a Pixel 6 Wi-Fi issue affecting some handset owners will be nixed in the forthcoming March software update.

Continuing the trend of the monthly updates fixing problems and then breaking new things, the February update upset Wi-Fi functionality for some users, who complained it was constantly being disabled.

A thread on Reddit saw one user point out: “Wi-Fi is shutting off constantly. Seems to be when device sleeps. I have to manually enable Wi-Fi and then select network, it won’t connect automatically.”

Hardly ideal, but all indications are is that it isn’t affecting many users, and now Google says it knows what’s causing the bug. In a response from the official Google account (via 9to5Google), the company says the fix is on the way as part of the next Google Pixel update.

The representative writes: “After some investigation, we identified the root cause and determined that it impacts a very small number of devices. Of course, we realise this is a poor experience and immediately developed a software fix that will be available in the next Google Pixel Update, rolling out in March.”

This will be a consolation for users affected by the issue, but the number of bugs affecting the Google Tensor-based handsets has been high, even by Pixel standards.

Right now its something as rudimentary as Wi-Fi connectivity causing problems, but before that, users were struggling to even make phone calls using their expensive new flagship devices. That became a problem after the December update, and wasn’t fixed until an update in mid-January, prompting some users to downgrade their software to return proper call functionality.

Google was also forced to disable the Hold For Me and Call Screening features as a result of bugs in the December update. The company says the Pixel 6 range is its most successful launch yet, but the continued bugs are hardly likely to endear these newcomers to the range.

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