Google unveils a suite of new software features for Pixel smartphones

Google has revealed a host of neat new software features for its Pixel series of smartphones – and they’re all arriving soon.

In an unexpected announcement, Google declared that a handful of new features would be arriving on its Pixel smartphones starting from today (March 7). The first eligible devices will be “across models from Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a“, with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro due to receive the updates “later this month”. Here’s the full lowdown on all that’s new.

Night Sight in Snapchat

Night Sight is a fantastic tool on the Pixel phones that allows you to get brilliant photos even when lighting is less than ideal. Now, Google has announced that that this effect will be accessible via the Snapchat app so that you can capture and share stunning night-time photography with your friends on the social network.

Live captions for calls

Google’s live caption tool transcribes the spoken languages that it hears, making it more accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. With this new upgrade, you’ll see live captions of what your partner in conversation says, and even type a response that will be read aloud to them.

Gboard sticker suggestions

Depending on your tastes, stickers either add a sense of fun or just overwhelming irritation to your messaging apps. If you’re in the former camp, then there’s some good news for you: Gboard will be able to convert the exact words you’re typing into stickers, making their use far more fluid than before.

LangID in Live Caption

Live Translate is an excellent existing feature that translates foreign languages in “real time”, as they’re spoken. With this upgrade, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will now be able to identify Spanish, Italian, and French spoken words when you’re watching videos or other types of media, translating them into different supported languages.

Pixel at a Glance is the name of a handy little widget that displays all sorts of useful tidbits of information on your home or lock screen, such as the weather, upcoming events, and the state of local traffic. Now it’s even more customisable, adding features such as the battery life of your connected Bluetooth devices, a safety check countdown that’s tied to the Personal Safety app, earthquake alerts for your local area and those all impoarnt reminders to turn off your alarm if the next day happens to be a holiday.

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