How did the Galaxy A54 get this cheap?

Samsung’s Galaxy A-Series phones are almost impossibly good for the price and the Galaxy A54 can be nabbed with unlimited data for an incredibly low monthly fee.

Over at Mobile Phones Direct you can get the Samsung Galaxy A54 for £19 a month. You’ll get all the 5G data, minutes and texts you want in this unlimited deal that doesn’t require you to pay a penny up front for the phone itself.

Samsung Galaxy A54 with unlimited data for £19
Unlimited data and a brand new Galaxy A54 with nothing upfront for £19 a month? Mobile Phones Direct have lost it, folks.

Mobile Phones Direct
Unlimited 5G data
£19 a month

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The contract is for 24 months, so you’ll only be paying around £450 over the entire duration of the deal. That’s how much the phone costs to buy outright SIM-free, which just takes the mickey.

The deal is for the 128GB version of the handset in the “Awesome Graphite” hue and there’s also free next day delivery if you order before a certain time.

The previous best deal we’ve seen for this phone was for £17 a month, but that only got you 30GB of data. So this one is well worth the extra couple of quid a month for peace of mind over your data usage.

We reviewed the A54 a couple of months back and gave it a 4-star score, praising the premium look and build, 120Hz AMOLED display, massive 5,000mAh battery and the improved 50-megapixel camera.

Our reviewer concluded: “The Samsung Galaxy A54 is a decent all-rounder with a hint of a truly premium build thanks to a glass rear and an updated design that brings it pretty close to the flagship Galaxy S23 range. IP67 support, in particular, is notable at this price point.”

“That’s backed up by a punchy, bright 120Hz AMOLED display, though the omission of any kind of HDR support will be disappointing for binge streamers. The main 50MP camera is another key upgrade for this year’s model, further improving performance in both well-lit and low-light conditions with plenty of light and detail on offer for the price tag.”

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