How to change and customise your Lock Screen in iOS 16

The iOS 16 beta is here, and with it comes the first big redesign of the iPhone’s Lock Screen in years. While we won’t see a full iOS 16 release until at least September – likely alongside the iPhone 14 – if you’re an eager iPhone fan you can install the beta right now.

If you’ve taken the ever-present risk of installing beta software on your device and want to learn more about how to customise the new iOS 16 Lock Screen, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll look at adding extra information, changing the wallpaper and creating multiple Lock Screens.

What you’ll need:

An iPhone running the iOS 16 beta

The Short Version 

Hold down on the Lock ScreenChoose CustomiseChoose your changesCustomiseSet the new Lock Screen

Step 1 Hold down on the Lock ScreenTo enter the new Lock Screen customisation screen you’ll need to long press on the Lock Screen itself. Ensure you’re running the iOS 16 beta for this to work properly. Step 2 Either choose Customise or tap the Plus sign You’ll now be taken to a new screen that allows you to either customise a current setup or create a new one entirely. You can have multiple Lock Screens always accessible, and these can even be set in different Focus mode settings. You can, for instance, have a Lock Screen for work or one for the night. For this guide, we’ll tap Customise. Step 3 Start customising You have a few options now. If you tap the time you’ll be able to change the font and colour, while tapping below the clock lets you add a few widgets – like a battery monitor or weather alert. If you want to change the background picture, tap the small photo icon in the bottom corner. Step 4 Set up a completely new Lock ScreenNow let’s set up a completely new Lock Screen. Instead of tapping Customise, press the blue plus icon. Step 5 Choose your new Lock ScreenOnce you’ve tapped the blue plus icon you’ll be taken to a new gallery. This is full of pre-made Lock Screens, selected photos and various options. All of these pre-made screens can be edited or tweaked if you wish.


Does this work on the iPad too? Nope. Apple hasn’t added the same Lock Screen features to the iPad it has with the iPhone. Hopefully we’ll see similar customisation added to the tablet in future years.

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