How to customise the Samsung Galaxy S23 app icons

The standard Samsung Galaxy S23 app icons are fine, but did you know that you can swap them out with a number of custom app icon packs? 

While it won’t change how your Samsung Galaxy S23 operates, changing app icons gives you an extra level of customisation and helps make your phone unique to you.

Whether you’re changing app icons to better match a snazzy new wallpaper or you simply want to switch things up a bit, it’s easy to do on the Samsung Galaxy S23 – and pretty much any other recent Galaxy phone for that matter.

If you want to delve into the world of custom app icons on your Samsung Galaxy S23, here’s how. 

What you’ll need: 

A Samsung Galaxy S23 (or any other recent Galaxy phone)

The Short Version 

Tap and hold an empty space on your Home screen to access the Home screen settings menu.Tap Themes.Tap icons and browse for the icon pack you’d like to use.Tap Download.Tap Apply.

How to change the app icons on the Samsung Galaxy S23

Step 1 Tap and hold on an empty spot on your Home screen to access the Home screen settings menu. Step 2 Tap ThemesFrom the settings menu, tap the Themes icon at the bottom of the display. Step 3 Tap IconsYou’ll then be taken to Samsung’s Galaxy Themes Store where you can browse wallpapers, themes, ringtones and replacement app icons. To make your search easier, tap Icons and browse from the list of free and paid icon packs until you find one you like.  Step 4 Tap DownloadOnce you’ve found an icon pack you’d like to use, tap it and tap the big blue Download button to install the icons on your phone.  Step 5 Tap ApplyOnce your icon pack has been downloaded – this should take no more than a few seconds – you’ll be able to use them in place of Samsung’s default app icons. Simply tap Apply to save your changes. 


Can I revert back to the original app icons? Yes. From the Galaxy Themes Store tap Menu > My Stuff > Icons and select the Default icon pack. Can I browse the icon packs I already have installed? The Galaxy S23 doesn’t ship with any additional icon packs pre-installed, but if you want to browse through the selection you’ve downloaded, head to Menu > My Stuff > Icons.

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