How to delete contacts on an iPhone

Here is the definitive guide on how you can delete phone contacts from your iPhone.

If you’re looking to clear out your iPhone, a great place to start can be your contacts. We’re sure that there will be people there you haven’t spoken to in years, and deleting a contact can be done in just a few steps.

Here is how you can delete your phone contacts on an iPhone.

What we used

While this will work for any iPhone, in this case we used the iPhone 13 Pro.

The Short Version

Open up your Phone app Select the contact that you want to delete Click EditScroll to the bottom of the page Click Delete Contact

Step 1 Open up your Phone appYou can find your contacts list in the Phone app. The menu is at the bottom and Contacts is in the middle. You can also access your Contacts using the Contacts app, or using iCloud, provided that you are signed up. This method will only work using the Phone app or the Contacts app. Step 2 You can use the search bar at the top of the screen to easily find the contact that you’re looking for or scroll through manually. Step 3 Click Edit The Edit button is on the top right-hand side of the screen and is a light blue colour. Step 4 Scroll to the bottom of the pageThe top of the screen will feature the name of the contact, their profile picture, as well as their number. Scrolling to the bottom of this page will give you the option to delete your contact, and the button will be in red. Step 5 Click on the red Delete Contact button that is at the very bottom of the page. You then need to click on the new red Delete Contact pop-up button to confirm your choice, only clicking the button once will not delete your contact.


How can I access my Contacts? You can access your Contacts page via the Phone app or the Contacts app. Both of these apps come pre-installed on every iPhone and can be downloaded via the App Store if you accidentally delete them. Can I delete multiple contacts at once? You cannot delete multiple contacts at once when in the Phone or Contacts app, but it can be done via the iCloud website, provided that you are using the Cloud.

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