How to delete cookies on an iPad


Cookies are little files that are created by websites whenever you visit them, and are essential to the running of the internet. Without cookies you wouldn’t be able to have things like persistent shopping carts, for example.

Some iPad users may find it desirable to delete their cookies from time to time, whether over tracking concerns, or to try and improve web performance on your tablet. If you’re having troubles with a particular website or Safari in general, it might be worth trying to wipe your cookies.

Here, then, is how to delete cookies on an iPad.

What we used

We used the iPad Pro (2018), but these methods will work on any iPad running Safari

The Short Version

Open SettingsTap AdvancedRemove All Website DataRemove individual cookies

Step 1 Open SettingsOpen the Settings app and navigate to the Safari section. Step 2 Tap AdvancedNow scroll down to the bottom of the Safari section on the right and tap Advanced, followed by Website Data. Step 3 Remove All Website DataHit the red Remove All Website Data button at the bottom of the page to delete all cookies from your iPad, followed by Remove. Step 4 Remove individual cookiesIf you only wish to delete the cookies for a specific website, tap Edit in the top right corner, then hit the red minus symbol alongside the website in question, followed by the Delete button.


What if I want to delete my history as well? You can completely blitz all cookies and internet history by going to Settings > Safari and hitting the Clear History and Website Data button and confirming. How do I block cookies? To block future cookies, go to Settings > Safari, scrolling down to the Privacy & Security section, and flick the Block All Cookies toggle to the On position, then press Block All to confirm.


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