How to enable fast charging on a Samsung phone

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen
If you’re scratching your head and wondering how to get your Samsung phone to juice up more quickly, here’s how.

Fast charging is one of the most convenient features offered by the most recent generations of smartphones, allowing you to top up the battery in a matter of minutes where you’d previously have had to wait a couple of hours to get enough juice to get going. If you’ve got a Samsung phone, then this guide will show you how to enable fast charging on it.

What we used

We used a Samsung Galaxy S22 but you can use any Samsung phone capable of fast charging, although the menus may appear slightly different in other versions of the Android operating systemYou’ll also need the fastest charger supported by your phone. For an S22, this is 25w.

The Short Version

Open the Settings appScroll down to Battery and Device CareTap on BatterySelect More Battery SettingsToggle Fast Charging or Super Fast Charging to On

Step 1 Open the Settings appFirst of all, open up your phone’s Settings app. This is the one that looks like a mechanical cog. Step 2 Scroll down to Battery and Device CareScroll down on the Settings menu until you see the Settings and Device Care option. Step 3 Tap on BatteryTap on the tab that reads Battery, which is above Memory and Storage. Step 4 Select More Battery SettingsFrom here, tap on More Battery Settings at the bottom of the menu. Step 5 Toggle Fast Charging or Super Fast Charging to OnNow you’ll see options that read Fast Charging or Super Fast Charging. Make sure the one you intend to use is toggled to On. Now, plug in your phone with a compatible adaptor that’s rated at the same charging power as your phone in order to charge it up quickly.


Are all Samsung phones capable of fast charging? No, not all phones can fast charge – and those that can may still charge at different rates. If there is no Fast Charge option in your phone’s Settings menu, then it probably is not capable of fast charging. How do I disable fast charging? To disable fast charging, simply follow the steps of this guide but toggle the switch to Off on the final step, rather than On.

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