How to hide photos on an iPhone

Step 1 Open the Photos appFirst, you’ll need to open up the Photos app to view your images. It’s found on the home screen, and has an icon that looks like the light spectrum arranged in a flower shape. Step 2 Select the photo(s) that you wish to hide and tap the Share button.Once it’s open and you can see all your photos, tap the “Select” option at the top right of the display, and then tap on all of the photos you’d like to hide. Then, rather counter-intuitively, you’ll need to tap the Share button at the bottom left of the display, which has an icon of an arrow pointing upwards from a box. Step 3 Select the Hide optionOnce you’ve tapped share, a list of options will appear on the display. Here you just need to scroll down and then tap “Hide”, which is accompanied by a symbol of an eye with a line struck through it. Step 4 Confirm that you wish to hide the photoThere will be another pop-up menu that asks you to confirm whether you really do want to hide the image away. If you’re sure, tap “Hide photo”. Step 5 You can now view the photo in your Hidden albumNow that your photo is hidden, it will not be displayed in your library among all the others. If you want to see if again, go to the Albums tap, scroll down, and tap on “Hidden” (which also has the icon of an eye with a line struck through it.

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