How to install iOS 16 right now on your iPhone


During the iPhone 14 series reveal, Apple also announced that iOS 16 would arrive for everyone with a compatible iPhone on September 12.

Now iOS 16 is available to all, you’re probably eager to get it installed on your device right away. While iPhones, as long as the setting hasn’t been turned off, will update automatically – you can force the software and get in on the action quicker.

iOS 16 completely rejigs the lock screen for the first time, allowing for more customisations. You can tweak the clock, add handy widgets to give you glanceable information and work the colours of your background. There are other features too, including tweaks to apps like Mail.

While it can be better to wait until initial bugs are ironed out to update, if you want to get in on the iOS 16 action right now here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need: 

iOS 16 works on the iPhone 8 and newer (we used an iPhone 13 Pro Max for this test)

The Short Version 

Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings appScroll down to GeneralHit Software Update

Step 1 Unlock your iPhone and open SettingsFirst off, make sure your iPhone is charged, plugged in and connected to the internet. Next, unlock the phone and open Settings. This is the app with an icon that looks like a cog. Step 2 Once you’re in the Settings app, scroll down until you find the option called General. When you spot it, tap on it. Step 3 Tap Software UpdateNext, you should see the Software Update option – tap this and your phone will immediately start looking for an available update. if there’s available it’ll appear. When the update appears, click Download and Install. Once your update is downloaded, it’ll install – this can take a while. Step 4 You’re up to dateOnce the update has installed and updated, your phone will reboot. You’re now ready to start enjoying iOS 16.


Will the update automatically install? Yes, if you have Automatic Updates turned on, the iOS 16 should download and install overnight when your phone is plugged in. Is iOS 16 available for the iPad too? iPadOS 16, the iPad version of iOS 16, will be released later in the year. I don’t see the update – what should I do? It’s best to just wait and keep checking the Software Update section of the Settings panel until it appears.


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