How to manage app permissions on iPhone


Apple has been on something of a privacy crusade in recent years, and one of the ways it manifests that is through app permissions.

This is due to the increased amount of information most apps and web services track when you use them. We’d always recommend any privacy conscious user invest in a VPN to help alleviate this. But on top of that using the iPhone’s inbuilt permission controls smartly, can help you get a proper view of and control over what information you’re handing over to the apps you’re using.

Here’s how to manage app permissions on iPhone.

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What we used

We used the iPhone 13 Pro, but these methods will work on any iPhone

The Short Version

Open the phone’s settingsOpen Privacy in settingsSelect Apple appToggle app permissions on or off

Step 1 Open you iPhone’s settings The exact position of this will depend on your home screen layout, but it looks like the above icon. Step 2 Open Privacy settingsEnter the Settings app, scroll down, and select Privacy. Step 3 Select Apple appSelect the Apple app or function that you wish to control access to. This will reveal all of the apps installed on your iPhone that have requested access to that particular source of data. Step 4 Toggle app permissions on or offA green toggle means that the app has access to this specific data source. Flick it to the off/grey position to cut off access to that data.


Will toggling app permissions affect how they operate? Quite possibly, but if an app needs access to certain data sources to function properly, it will ask you the next time you use it. How do I get an overview of how apps are using my data? Enter Settings > Privacy, scroll down to the bottom and tap App Privacy Report. Turn On App Privacy Report, if asked. This screen will now show whenever any apps use your personal data.


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