How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Having bought a new iPhone, you might be wishing there was a simple way to transfer your data from your old device. Thankfully, there is.

Setting up a new phone is at once exciting and a bit of a chore. You can accentuate the former and minimise the latter, as well as lessen any down time, by using Apple’s intuitive Quick Start data transfer tool.

Without any further ado, here’s how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

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Prepare and position your iPhonesSet up the transferAuthenticate your new iPhone

Step 1 Prepare and position your iPhonesFirst turn on your new iPhone and place it next to your still-powered-on current iPhone, making sure that Bluetooth is switch on for the latter. We’d also recommend plugging both devices in, or at least ensuring they’re both fully charged. Step 2 Set up the transferA screen will appear on your current iPhone asking if you want to use your Apple ID to set up the new device, so hit Continue. When the animation appears on your new iPhone, point your current iPhone’s camera at it. You should eventually be told to Finish on New iPhone. Step 3 Authenticate your new iPhoneNow it’s time to authenticate your new device. Enter your current iPhone’s passcode on your new iPhone when prompted, then set up Face ID or Touch ID. When asked to Transfer Data, Tap Continue to finally start moving across all of your data.


What if I don’t have my old device to hand? It’s still possible to transfer your data even if you don’t have your old device to hand. Just start your new iPhone up, connect to Wi-Fi, opt to Set up Manually, then Restore from iCloud Backup and follow the instructions. Can I restore from my computer? Yes, at the Apps & Data point in the initial set-up, select Restore from Mac or PC, connect your new device to the computer with a Lightning cable, open iTunes or Finder, select your iPhone, Restore Backup, and follow the instructions.

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