How to use Samsung Pass to store your passwords and other data

Samsung Pass is essentially Samsung’s answer to Autofill with Google, providing Samsung users with a secure way to store sensitive information like logins and banking information, and to use that info to automatically log you into apps, websites and more. 

The question is, how do you set it up on a Samsung phone? While the process differs slightly depending on the version of Android and Samsung OneUI your phone is using, it’s simpler to set up than you might think. 

Here, we show you how to set up Samsung Pass on your smartphone. For reference, we used a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra running Android 13 and Samsung OneUI 5.1 for this tutorial. 

If you’re new to the concept of Samsung’s biometric-focused security feature, take a look at our ‘What is Samsung Pass?’ explainer. 

What you’ll need: 

A supported Samsung smartphone

The Short Version 

Open the Settings app.Head to Security and Privacy (also listed as Biometrics and Security).Tap Samsung Pass.Log in with your Samsung account.Verify/register your fingerprint.Add your usernames, passwords and other data to Samsung Pass.

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your Samsung smartphoneOn your Samsung smartphone, open the Settings app. If you’re unsure, it’s the app with a mechanical cog icon.  Step 2 Tap ‘Security and privacy’Scroll down the main Settings menu until you find the ‘Security and privacy’ submenu (it may also be listed as ‘Biometrics and security’ on some Samsung phones). Tap it.  Step 3 Tap ‘Samsung Pass’Scroll down the Biometrics and security menu until you find ‘Samsung Pass’, usually located within the Security section of the menu. Tap it. Step 4 Log in with your Samsung accountYou’ll be taken to a Samsung Pass introduction page explaining the concept of the service. Tap ‘Continue’. As a security precaution, you’ll be prompted to enter your Samsung account password before you can access the Samsung Pass settings menu. Step 5 Register or verify your fingerprintYou’ll then be taken to the ‘Register biometrics’ menu if it’s your first time using Samsung Pass and you have yet to register a fingerprint. Simply tap ‘Fingerprints’ at the bottom of the page and scan your desired fingerprint. If however you have already registered your fingerprint to unlock your phone, you’ll skip this step and once your fingerprint has been scanned, you’ll be taken to the main Samsung Pass menu.  Step 6 Complete the set-up processOnce you’ve registered a fingerprint, you’re ready to use Samsung Pass to log into apps, accounts and websites. From here you’ll be able to manually add addresses, passwords and other sensitive data that Samsung Pass can use when logging into various apps and websites on your smartphone.  


Where can I use Samsung Pass? Samsung Pass can be used in a number of apps and websites to provide quick access without having to manually input a password, though the type of biometrics you can use and where you can use it will depend on the app in question. Some may allow you to log in with a fingerprint, but when it comes to purchasing, they may still require a password input.  Can I delete my saved data from Samsung Pass?  If you decide you no longer wish to use Samsung Pass for digital password safekeeping, you can head to Settings > Security and privacy > Samsung Pass > Three Dot Menu > Settings > Delete Data. 

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