iOS 17 Supported Devices: iPhone X and iPhone 8 miss out

Apple has confirmed the list of iOS 17 compatible iPhones and it’ll soon be time to say goodbye to a couple of old favourites.

The first iOS 17 developer beta is available from today for the 2018 iPhone XS and all newer iPhones. That means the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 series, all launched in 2017, will not be able to access the newest features when they arrive later this year.

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The iPhone X (or iPhone ten to use its proper name), in particular, feels like a significant handset to drop off the annual update schedule which, by Apple’s rationale, moves a handset to obsolescence. It certainly doesn’t feel like six years since this revolutionary iPhone handset landed on the scene as the first all-touchscreen handset to arrive without a home button.

It also introduced the display notch, which remains with us today in the iPhone 14 range. Of course, the notch also ushered in Face ID biometric security technology, replacing Touch ID.

The physical home button remained available on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but they were the final generation in the main iPhone lineage to adhere to that form factor.

Apple still offers a home button centric experience via the iPhone SE range, but reports suggest that may go all touchscreen too.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners will miss out on iOS 17 features like the new Journal app as well as video FaceTime messages, live voicemail, new stickers in Messages, StandBy mode and much more.

iOS 17 will roll out to compatible devices this autumn. If you have a developer account you can jump in on the beta now.

Will the launch of iOS 17 cause you to shop for a brand new iPhone later this year? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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