iPhone 14 Max stock could be seriously restricted at launch

Stock of the new iPhone 14 Max model could be seriously constrained at launch, according to fresh claims from the supply chain.

If you’ve missed the steady pitter-patter of rumours surrounding the iPhone 14 launch to date, the big new addition (quite literally) this year is going to be the iPhone 14 Max. The iPhone Mini line is going to be bowing out after just two underperforming generations, and a super-sized ‘normal’ iPhone is going to take its place.

You might not be able to secure yourself a handset at launch, however. Display analyst Ross Young claims that display panel shipments for the new model are “way behind” where they should be.

The issue, it seems, is that the 14 Max is a brand new model with a unique display component. While it’ll be identically sized to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it’s a different panel that lacks Apple’s ProMotion technology.

We heard back in May that Apple was struggling with production of its new super-sized model thanks to Covid restrictions in China. It was claimed at the time that initial production volumes of the iPhone 14 Max could suffer.

As pointed out by 9to5Mac, Young’s update is based on far more recent supply chain data leading into the month of August. That’s the month before the iPhone 14 line is likely to launch.

If Apple hasn’t sorted its supply game out at this point, it seems unlikely you’ll be able to wander into an Apple Store and pick up its shiny new model on release day.

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