iPhone 14 Pro could match the Galaxy S22 in one key way

Apple’s iPhone 14 could get a RAM boost, which would give it the most memory in the history of the series, according to a new rumour.

While Apple never advertises how much RAM it includes in its phones, word on the grapevine is that the iPhone 14 Pro might have as much as 8GB of RAM. That would bring the iPhone 14 Pro in line with the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series of smartphones.

The current iPhone 13 Pro model has 6GB of RAM on board, which is already the most Apple has included in an iPhone, so it might be surprising if the company chooses to go bigger again so soon.

The source also isn’t one we’ve come across before, so it’s hard to comment on the veracity of the report. It came from the Naver account of a poster called ‘yeux1122‘ and was picked up by MacRumors.

According to the Apple-centric site the source has a mixed record when predicting that the iPad mini 6 would arrive. It got the release window and chassis right, but the display size wrong. The site calls the rumour “plausible.”

While the 8GB of memory would be a boost for iPhone users, RAM isn’t thought to be the same barometer for the speediness of the operating system as it is on rival Android phones. Apple’s full integration of homemade software and A-Series silicon enables fantastic optimisation of the whole package and iPhone’s have long been able to match the competition despite its phones having quantifiably less RAM.

For example, the iPhone 13 has less memory than the new Samsung Galaxy S22 models. However, the Apple model has outperformed Samsung’s latest and greatest in some benchmarking tests.

What are you hoping to see from the iPhone 14 when it arrives this autumn? A new design? Revamped cameras? Under-display Touch ID? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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