iPhone 14 tipped to feature a ‘hole-punch-sized’ notch

Another source has claimed that the iPhone 14 range could reature a drastically reduced notch, potentially in the form of a hole-punch design.

We reported in early December on claims that the iPhone 14 Pro would sport an all-new notch design.

Now Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has come forward with something similar, though there are some important distinctions – or at least grey areas – to note here.

According to Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, we’ll be looking at “a revamped iPhone 14 range with a hole-punch-sized notch in the fall”.

It’s interesting to note that no distinction is drawn between the iPhone 14 models, and the implication is that the entire range will come with a remodelled notch. That’s different to the aforementioned early-December report, which claimed it would be Pro-only.

Also notable is the used of the term “hole-punch-sized notch”. Is this just a round-about way of saying a hole-punch notch, as found on almost every Android flagship of 2021 (and before)? Or are we simply looking at a much smaller version of the current iPhone notch, reduced to the size of small selfie camera lens but still attached to the top bezel?

It’s all a little too vague and woolly to say for sure. But one thing seems certain: Apple is looking to reduce that troublesome display notch over the coming year or so.

Indeed, the company has already taken its first step along this path with the late-2021 iPhone 13 range, which reduced the size of the classic notch by 20%.

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