iPhone 15 render leak reveals design secrets

There’s been a render leak for the iPhone 15, confirming some rumoured features and revealing some interesting new tidbits.

The renders come via 3D CAD files obtained by 9to5Mac. Obviously the precise source of these is not stated, but the website did mention in a similar render leak last week for the iPhone 15 Pro that Apple tends to give these files to factories in Asia so that they can produce protective cases ahead of launch.

We’re treating these as the real deal, then, with the usual pinch of salt and the website’s own disclaimed that Apple’s designs are subject to change.

With that out of the way, these renders provide welcome confirmation that the iPhone 15 (which was said to be in trial production last month) will indeed adopt the Dynamic Island notch that debuted in the iPhone 14 Pro. So long, notch.

The renders also confirm that Apple is switching to the USB-C connection standard this year. So long, Lightning port.

As for new (or at least newer) stuff, the display seems to be 6.2-inches rather than the usual 6.1-inches. Also, the capacitive side buttons that appeared on the website’s iPhone 15 Pro renders are nowhere to be found here. The iPhone 15 looks set for regular old clicky buttons.

Elsewhere the iPhone 15 design is a familiar one, with a similar flat-edged look to every iPhone since the iPhone 12. There’s another dual-camera array on the rear of the device, though no one was seriously expecting anything else here. Telephoto lenses are for pros, don’t you know.

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