iPhone 15 Ultra could have performance advantages over iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Ultra could open up a gap to the iPhone 15 Pro with superior image processing and performance, according to a new tip.

Apple is widely rumoured to be switching up its naming scheme for the top models in its late-2023 smartphone line-up. Out will go the Pro Max, and in will come the Ultra.

This could be more than a mere name change, if fresh claims from leaker LeaksApplePro (via Howtoisolve) are to be believed. Apparently, an early peak at iOS 17’s code has revealed some differences in the make-up of the so-called iPhone 15 Ultra.

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It’s claimed that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have more advanced image processing software than the iPhone 15 Pro. This could well suggest that the larger phone will have superior camera hardware as well, but even if not it should take better photos.

Also, this early look at iOS 17 suggests that the processor in the iPhone 15 Ultra will have more performance “freedom” than its smaller brother. This could point to a meatier cooling system, which would enable it to run at a higher clock rate (and thus faster).

All in all, it looks increasingly likely that the days of parity (give or take a larger screen and battery) between the Pro and Pro Max models are numbered. If you want the very best that Apple has to offer, you might have to go super-sized from 2023 onwards.

This iOS 17 code also appears to confirm that only the Pro and Ultra models will enjoy the full benefits of USB 3.2 speeds, despite all four models having USB-C ports. On the positive side, it also seems to confirm the rumour that all four iPhone 15 models will have the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island.

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