iPhone foldable delayed but Apple may make an all-screen MacBook

Apple could decide to delay its iPhone foldable debut, but could be weighing up the launch of an all-screen MacBook.

Those are the two spiciest morsels to emerge from the latest DSCC report by display analyst Ross Young, who seems to be well informed on such matters.

Young claims that Apple’s plans for a foldable iPhone have been put back to 2025. Previous reports had pointed to a 2023 or 2024 release, but we’ve also heard before that Apple is being very cautious about the whole foldable format.

It’s been claimed that the company doesn’t want to follow Samsung’s route and essentially beta test the foldable form factor with commercial products. In other words, the iPhone foldable will launch as a finished product, if it ever launches.

That’s not to say that the company entirely lacks foldable ambition, though. Young’s report also claims that Apple is looking into a foldable of a different kind in the form of an all-screen MacBook.

It seems Apple has been discussing such devices with with its suppliers. This new product category would apparently involve 20-inch displays, and could pack in a 4K resolution.

Such a product would have two main use cases. One would be as a notebook with a full-sized on-screen keyboard on the opposing panel. The other would see it fully folded out and used as a monitor with an external keyboard.

Don’t expect to see such a bold new hybrid product from Apple until 2026 or 2027, though. Still, if this latest insight tells us anything, it’s that Apple is definitely interested in playing in the foldable space. It’s just showing a typical level of (excessive?) Apple caution in doing so.

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