iPhone SE 3 is rumoured to support MagSafe and a boosted battery


According to a last-minute rumour before Apple’s launch event, the new iPhone SE is said to boast MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, and a longer-lasting battery.

It may be just a matter of hours before Apple’s event kicks off, but that hasn’t put a stop to the ever-turning rumour mill. The latest whisperings about the upcoming iPhone SE 2022 now indicate that it will offer MagSafe support, Ceramic Shield protection, and also better battery life.

The following rumours were made public by the user yeux1122 on the Korean blog site Naver, and were since circulated by MacRumors.

iPhone 12 with a MagSafe battery pack

MagSafe is a technology that’s been present in Apple’s mainline smartphone series since the release of the iPhone 12, and for many Apple fans it has proved to be a very useful tool. Using magnetic attraction that is built into the device’s internal engineering, the technology supports numerous accessories including cases, batteries, camera mounts.

Ceramic Shield is another upgrade that was first introduced with the iPhone 12 series and was since adopted by the iPhone 13. This innovation toughens up the glass to protect it from bumps and scratches, by embedding ceramic nanocrystals into the glass and using dual-ion exchange to increase the size of the ions to make the surface more resistant. If you ever find yourself in the sickening situation of dropping your iPhone to the floor, you should find that screens with this tech are less likely to shatter.

Additionally, it is stated by the same source that the battery improvements will be “significant”, though it is not clear whether this is because of an actual increase in the capacity or merely because of the efficiencies that will be brought to the phone due to the introduction of the A15 Bionic chipset. Given that we criticised the iPhone SE 2 for its “far from excellent battery life”, we certainly hope that this rumour holds water.


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