Is the new OnePlus 9RT coming to the UK?

We know that the OnePlus 9RT will be available to buy in just a few days, but can you get your hands on one from the UK?

The OnePlus 9RT is currently available for preorder and will be shipped out on October 19, but only if you’re in China.

The OnePlus 9RT seems to be a promising smartphone, yet it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to get your hands on an international version any time soon as OnePlus itself has yet to make any noise about a wider scale release.

With that said, the OnePlus 9RT might have India set in its sights if it plans to be distributed in the same locations as the OnePlus 9R,

The OnePlus 9R, came out earlier this year in April and while it was originally sold in China, it was eventually sold in India later down the line, but it never made the move overseas to the UK, US or Australia.

OnePlus hasn’t actually ruled out shipping to other countries, but it’s not been mentioned either, which paints an unlikely picture of the 9RT ever finding its way to the UK.

It’s not clear why the latest smartphone is limited to just China currently, but it’s not uncommon for OnePlus to sell its units in specific countries without fully branching out.

Looking at other countries, it’s even less likely that the smartphone will make an appearance in Australia, as OnePlus doesn’t actually sell any phones there.

However, if you are desperate for a OnePlus device but you do live in the UK, you can still find models like the OnePlus Nord CE 5G or the OnePlus 9 Pro currently on sale.

We contacted OnePlus for a comment and as of yet the company hasn’t gotten back to us. We’ll be sure to update this article if any comments are made about the OnePlus 9RT coming overseas.

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