MIUI 13: What’s new about Xiaomi’s latest smartphone software?

Along with the launch of the Redmi Note 11 series, Xiaomi also lifted the lid on its latest smartphone user interface, named MIUI 13. It contains a few new helpful tricks for day-to-day efficiency, so read on to find out what’s new.

While the flashy hardware of the Redmi Note 11 series may have caught most of the attention at Xiaomi’s latest launch event, the brand also chose that occasion to unveil its latest smartphone software too, which will be present on all those new devices and rolled out to some older ones as well.

For #MIUI13, our focus is the core experience. In order to provide a smooth, seamless, and optimized UI for all our all our users, we’re focusing on four elements of user experience and optimization features: Liquid Storage, Atomized Memory, Focused Algorithms, Smart Balance. pic.twitter.com/mU6ThLDEjK— MIUI (@miuirom) January 26, 2022

Built on the Android 11 operating system, here are the major changes that it brings — and a full list of devices that can receive the upgrade.

Liquid Storage

A new system-level way of managing files has arrived with MIUI 13, and it greatly improves efficiency. By reducing fragmentation and actively managing stored data, Xiaomi claims that it can improve read and write efficiency by as much as 60%.

Apparently there are long term benefits as well; while the read and write speeds of some other Android devices can drop by 50% after 36 months, MIUI 13 is expected to retain up to 95% after the same elapsed time.

Atomised Memory

This ultra-fine memory management system is focused on improving RAM efficiency, which it does by categorising each app’s RAM usage into important and unimportant tasks, and then closing the unimportant ones to maximise RAM performance at any one time.

Focused Algorithms

Without Focused Algorithms, Xiaomi claims that smartphone processors tend to distribute resources across all of your apps relatively equally. This feature, on the other hand, prioritises active apps in order that the CPU can deal with the most important tasks at hand and thereby improving speed and performance.

Smart Balance

Aimed at extending battery life, Smart Balance should automatically find the right equilibrium between performance and power consumption on your smartphone as you need it. Xiaomi reckons that you can extend overall battery life by as much as 10% thanks to this neat trick.

If you’re a rapid multitasker who likes to cut to the chase, then this new feature could help you save a few precious seconds. While you’re in another app you can summon the Sidebar, filled with as many as 10 of your favourite apps, so that you can switch to doing something else without the need of heading back to the homescreen or scrolling to find it.

Which Xiaomi devices will get MIUI 13?

Here is the full list of smartphones that will receive the update to MIUI 13 in Q1 of 2022:

Further Xiaomi devices may receive the update at a later date, with the schedule to be published on Xiaomi’s official website as the rollout develops.

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