Nokia X20 Android 12 update rolling out today

The Nokia X20 has become the first Nokia phone to get an Android 12 update.

HMD Global, which makes phones under the Nokia brand, has announced that the Nokia X20 is to receive an update to Google’s latest OS starting from today, December 14.

Ever since Nokia started making phones again following its wilderness years as Microsoft’s in-house Windows Phone manufacturer, it has focused on an extremely clean version of Android.

This has evidently born fruit with the speedy provision of Android 12 when most manufacturers are still scrambling. It has also enabled Nokia to bolster its update guarantee policy.

The Nokia X20 was perhaps most notable at launch for offering a guaranteed three years of security and Android updates. Android 12’s focus on privacy and security should tie in nicely with Nokia’s current ‘trust our brand’ angle.

Nokia has also gone to great pains to highlight the X20’s durability, with a video at launch highlighting the torturous testing procedure the company had put its latest phone through.

Aside from this, and a pronounced eco focus that sees 20 trees planted for every device and a bundled case made from compostable material, the Nokia X20 is a fairly bog standard mid-range phone.

In our review, we concluded that “The Nokia X20 offers a deeply dependable package delivering a robust design, excellent stamina, clean software, and the promise of three years of Android updates,” but that you can get much better performance for the £320 asking price.

That’s been at least partially addressed by Nokia with a current offer (in the UK at least) that drops the price of the Nokia X20 to £269.99 over on the official Nokia website.

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