Nubia Red Magic 7 gaming phone coming next week

Nubia has announced that it’s to launch its next generation of gaming phone, the Red Magic 7, on February 17.

The ZTE-associate smartphone brand, which specialises in phones that are custom-made for intensive gaming, has taken to Chinese social network Weibo to reveal a February 17 announcement.

From the (Google Translated) language used in the post, we’re expecting a series of phones under the Red Magic 7 banner.

Last year saw the launch of the Red Magic 6, the Redmagic 6 Pro, the affordable Redmagic 6R, and the Redmagic 6S Pro.

The latter is, in this writer’s humble opinion, the best all-round gaming phone on the market right now, offering speedy specs and sharp physical controls in a design that isn’t irredeemably obnoxious. And you’ll know that latter point is quite an achievement if you know anything about the dedicated gaming phone market.

We’re excited to see what Nubia can do with its 2022 batch of releases. So far, Nubia hasn’t mentioned any official specs for the Red Magic 7 family, but there have been a few leaks and tips.

It seems likely that there will be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip in there, as well as the eye-catching potential for a 165W charger. Yes, you read that right.

165W would certainly be the fastest mobile charging standard we’ve ever seen if true. Which, judging from various sources and Nubia’s own hints, it seems to be.

Other leaks suggest that we might be in line for in under-screen selfie camera. Previous Nubia phones, like the aforementioned Red Magic 6S Pro, have gone with a chunky forehead bezel so as to incorporate a selfie camera without getting in the way of game content (a cardinal sin). For the next generation, we could have a less chunky device without resorting to a bothersome notch.

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