OnePlus 10 Pro design leak reveals chunky camera module

Initial renders of the forthcoming OnePlus 10 Pro have appeared online, granting us a glimpse at one of the first major flagships of 2022.

Serial smartphone tipster OnLeaks has teamed up with website Zouton to publish high-res renders of the next OnePlus flagship phone.

It seems the company is taking comments about the OnePlus 9 Pro’s (pictured) boring design to heart. While the renders only grant us a shady glimpse at the OnePlus 10 Pro’s triple-camera module, it represents quite a departure from previous OnePlus models.

There’s the sheer size of it for one thing, taking up a good chunk of the top half of the phone. The shape is also something new for OnePlus, curving and wrapping around the side of the phone as it does.

The associated report also claims that the OnePlus 10 Pro will pack what appears to be the same (or very similar) 6.7-inch 120Hz QHD display as the OnePlus 9 Pro, as well as a larger 5000 mAh battery. We’d be very surprised if the OnePlus 10 Pro didn’t come packing the Snapdragon 898, but there’s no word on that here.

This year’s OnePlus 9 Pro was an early contender for phone of the year, with a vastly improved (and Hasselblad-tweaked) camera system, rapid performance, a great QHD 120Hz display, and OnePlus’s signature crisp UI.

With that in mind, as well as the fact that the company didn’t launch its customary ‘T’ model in the second half of the year, we find ourselves greeting this initial glimpse at the OnePlus 10 Pro with an unusual level of eagerness.

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