OnePlus 11 specs all but officially confirmed

The OnePlus 11 has practically had its specs officially confirmed, having appeared on China’s TENAA certification website.

No sooner was the OnePlus 11 spotted setting benchmark tests alight, then it’s turned up in a new regulatory listing on the TENAA website (via Mysmartprice).

TENAA is China’s equivalent to the US FCC, meaning that’s devices must pass through the official government body before they go to market in the country. In other words, an appearance here is second only to an official announcement in terms of nailed-on reliability.

While the OnePlus 11 specs we received from this latest TENAA listing aren’t anything we haven’t heard before in rumour form, then, they come with an extra dose of authority.

The listing confirms hat the OnePlus 11 will a 6.7-inch AMOLED display and a 3216 x 1440, or QHD+, resolution. We don’t learn the refresh rate, but that’s practically nailed on to be 120Hz.

We don’t get confirmation of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, but that’s not an issue. We received that confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth last month.

What the listing does confirm is the RAM and storage configurations of the OnePlus 11. It’ll come with either 12 or 16GB of RAM, and either 256 or 512GB of internal storage. So no 8GB/128GB baseline model this year, at least in China.

The TENAA listing also confirms the OnePlus 11’s basic camera set-up which will consist of one 50MP that’s certain to be the wide), one 48MP (probably the ultra-wide), and one 32MP (likely the telephoto). On the latter front, the listing confirms that there’ll be a 2x zoom, which is perhaps the least impressive thing about these initial specs.

Around front, we get confirmation that there’ll be a 16MP selfie camera.

The listing mentions that the OnePlus 11 will sport a battery capacity of 2,435mAh. If that prompted a double take at its unlikely stinginess, well spotted. All it means, however, is that the the OnePlus 11 will have a dual-cell set-up, so a bit of basic arithmetic tells you that 2 x 2,435 = 4,870mAh in total.

We don’t get any confirmation of the OnePlus 11’s charging capabilities, but this has been widely reported to be 100W.

We’ll get full confirmation of all this, hopefully along with some juicy new details, at the OnePlus 11 launch event on February 7.

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