OnePlus Pro 10 confirmed for March with pure OxygenOS

OnePlus has confirmed that the Pro 10 will be rolling out globally before the end of the month, and has revealed that it’s ditching plans to unify its OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS.

The company’s latest flagship phone has been available in China since January. Unusually, however, we haven’t heard a peep about a global rollout – until now.

As February ticks over into March, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that we’ll be seeing the OnePlus 10 Pro in North America, India, and Europe “by the end of March 2022”. The phone will be on display at MWC in Barcelona from today to March 3.

Lau also revealed an important point on the OnePlus Pro 10’s software. Since the OnePlus 10 Pro launched in China running Oppo’s ColorOS, we’ve all been wondering how the global model’s software would shape up. It had been claimed that we’d be seeing the first new unified OS, combining the two.

Now it appears that fan backlash has prompted OnePlus to have a rethink. Lau has revealed that OxygenOS and ColorOS will “remain separate” with their “own distinct properties”, though they will still running on the same codebase “to allow for faster updates and better build quality”.

The result of that will be a global OnePlus 10 Pro that runs on the new OxygenOS 13, with the operating system’s famously “fast and smooth experience, burdenless design, and ease of use” and an experience that’s “close to stock Android and oriented towards usage globally”.

OxygenOS 13 will also retain its “unique visual design and a range of exclusive customization features”.

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