Oppo ColorOS 13 has a new messaging feature Apple and Google should copy

Oppo has revealed the new ColorOS user interface that’ll bring Android 13 to its suite of smartphones, and one feature in particular has piqued our interest.

The updated custom UI, which is scheduled to hit the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro as soon as this month, has a new ‘Pixelate’ feature to protect certain information when screenshooting messages.

The feature, which is somewhat similar to one announced by WhatsApp last week, can automatically blur out a name and profile picture when you take the screenshot, while users can also manually blur the content of particular messages.

It’s ideal if you only want to share certain information from a chat, but keep the rest private. It feels like something Apple and Google should consider integrating within their own messaging apps.

Out of the gate, Oppo says that it’s only applicable to Meta’s WhatsApp and Messenger apps, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t work with the other messaging apps in time.

As well as all of the features within Android 13, Oppo’s ColorOS 13 includes a number of always-on display skins for the new 1Hz setting that saves 20% of power compared to ColorOS 12.

One of which is an Insight display, which shows how long you’ve spent on your phone and how many times you’ve unlocked it throughout the day (via Tech Advisor). There’s also a widget for Spotify offering access to playback controls and recently-played content. Visually, the change is highlighted by the new Aquamorphic Design offering water-inspired elements.

Oppo has promised ColorOS 13 (and indeed Android 13) will come to 33 devices in the company’s Find and Reno suite of devices before the year is over.

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