Pixel 6 having issues with the latest update – here’s what you need to know

The December update for the Pixel 6 series has arrived with plenty of bug fixes, however it seems to have created a brand new problem.

The December patch for the Pixel 6 series of phones came out a little later than expected, but since its release it has been causing issues for owners in Europe.

There have been numerous reports on Google support forums and Reddit of a noticeable network signal loss, with some users reporting that their phones cannot get a cellular connection at all.

Google has since come out to say that the connectivity issues are not related to the software build, as many were speculating that Google may have rolled out the wrong update, with it being the A1 instead of the A4 update.

Google also claimed that the builds that have been rolled out are not wrong and that both updates have the same features and functionality, so downloading the A1 or A4 would make no difference, according to 9to5Google.

Google has also mentioned on Reddit that the company is actively investigating the issue and will provide more information when it is available. You can check out the company’s statement just below.

The connectivity issues bring up several problems; it makes essential functions, such as texting and calling, difficult and unreliable. It can also have an effect on battery life, as the phone will be constantly trying to find a better signal.

Most of the reports are coming in from Europe, though the A1 and A4 updates were both pushed out to other countries too, including Canada and Taiwan.

The update was intended to provide general improvements for network connection stability and general performance.

We’d recommend waiting to download the latest update, if you haven’t already, until Google announces that the current bug issues have been resolved.

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