Pixel 6 Magic Eraser bug causing havoc with Photos app

A fresh Google Pixel 6 bug is causing the Photos app to crash, according to quite a few device owners on social media.

The issue has been caused by the Magic Eraser feature, which Pixel owners can leverage to remove unwanted items (or people) from their photos.

However, whenever Pixel 6 users attempt to use the feature, the entire Photos app shuts down, according to users on Reddit and elsewhere. Not ideal. It appears the issue may have been introduced by the most recent software update.

One user wrote: “Same issue here. Started after the latest update. Crashes the camera app when you try to use the feature.”

Android Police reports that a familiar fix, clearing the app’s cache, hasn’t resolved the issue, so it appears Google might have to intervene to resolve the issue. It’s not the first time an update has broken the Magic Eraser feature either. In November, a software release removed the feature completely. That didn’t take long for Google to fix, so hopefully it can come to the rescue again.

It’s been a buggy first few months for Google’s latest flagship phones, which arrived packing the new Google Tensor processor and a brand new design. Last month Google launched a long-awaited update to fix a host of issues.

Google pulled the December OTA update after many users stopped being able to make proper phone calls using their expensive new smartphone. Beyond that, the company also disabled the Call Screening and Hold For Me features due to a separate Android update bug. However, it seems whenever Google releases a bug-squishing update, it breaks something else.

Despite these bumps in the road, the phone is performing well with punters. In its earnings call earlier this week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: “In Q4, we set an all-time quarterly sales record for Pixel”.

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