Pixel 6a faces early fingerprint sensor security concerns


Early users of the Google Pixel 6a are reporting a security error whereby anyone can get access to the phone through the fingerprint sensor.

Google’s latest affordable phone isn’t even out yet, but there already appears to be a major issue ahead of its rollout on Thursday.

As Phandroid highlights, several early YouTube reviews of the Pixel 6a have highlighted a flaw that can see anyone gaining access to the phone through the fingerprint sensor. Essentially, the sensor doesn’t appear to be recognising or discerning between individual prints.

One YouTuber illustrates this in the simplest way possible. Geekyranjit only registered their right-hand thumb in the Pixel 6a’s settings menu, yet was able to unlock the phone with their left thumb.

Other YouTubers have brought completely different people in to illustrate the issue.

It’s a considerable security concern ahead of the launch of what could be an extremely popular mid-range phone. Especially given that Google has heralded the security of the M2 security chip as a major benefit of its custom Tensor SoC.

Hopefully Google has a software-update ready for launch day that can address this flaw.

Away from this issue, our own review found the Pixel 6a to be a fine mid-range option, with excellent performance, a classy design, and a reliably strong camera. It’s not quite as balanced a package as the OnePlus Nord 2T, but we gave it the same 4-star score as the other hyped mid-ranger of the moment, the Nothing Phone (1).


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