Pixel 7 appears on eBay and Google has a prototype problem

We’re probably a few months away from the Google Pixel 7 actually going on sale, but one appears to be out there in the wild already.

A post on the Pixel subreddit draws attention to a since-removed eBay listing for a purported working Pixel 7 prototype. The link now redirects to a Pixel 6 listing on the marketplace, but you can see the archived version of the original listing here.

From the images posted to eBay (spotted by Mishaal Rahman), we see a phone that jives with the those previewing the device, released by Google at the end of the Goole I/O keynote earlier this month.

The aluminium bar with the new camera housing design is visible, as is the centre-aligned punch hole camera on the front of the device.

Almost comically, it appears the seller was using a Pixel 7 Pro to take the picture of the Pixel 7 because you can see the triple camera version in the reflection!

The listing description calls it a 128GB Stormy Black Pixel 7 prototype, which can be used on any network. It’s got Android 13 and Pixel apps “in development stage.” The seller, naturally, says he’s “selling as is” with “no guarantees of any sort.”

Naturally, the listing has been removed from eBay, but it’ll be a concern for Google as it seeks to track down the source of the leak.

Either there is a problem internally with a thief within the ranks, or someone is being very careless with the prototype devices Google is testing.

Prior to the announcement of the Pixel device was left at a restaurant. That device didn’t end up on eBay, but it was leaked to the media with Android Central publishing pictures of a prototype identical to the one Google previewed at I/O in May.

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