Pixel 7 Pro prototype reveals display and chip specs

A Pixel 7 Pro prototype sold online has served to reveal some of the forthcoming flagship phone’s key specs.

The owner of said Pixel 7 Pro has taken to the Google News Telegram group to provide those details.

It’s worth noting that the prototype device itself has been bricked by Google remotely, so there are limits to the level of juicy details revealed. However, thanks to the device logs, we can pick up a few interesting snippets.

For example, it’s noted that the Pixel 7 Pro specs include the Samsung S6E3HC4 display panel, which is a slightly advanced (numerically at least) over the Samsung S6E3HC3 panel used in the Pixel 6 Pro. Given that it was assumed that both phones would feature the exact same display, this is news. The Samsung S6E3HC4 itself packs in a 3120 x 1440 resolution.

At the heart of this bricked Pixel 7 Pro prototype lies a custom Google Tensor 2 chip, which apparently utilises the same combination of two performance cores, two mid-cores, and four low-power cores as the original Tensor. The two low-power cores are known to be Arm Cortex-A55 cores.

Other specs gleaned from these logs include a CS40l26 haptic driver from Cirrus Logic, and a ST21NFC NFC chip from STMicroelectronics.

In a final flourish, the device logs reveal the code names of several Pixel devices, including the Pixel 7 Pro (cheetah), Pixel 7, (panther), and quite possibly the Pixel 7a (felix).

We’ve seen that Google has a real prototype problem with this forthcoming smartphone generation, which perhaps explains why the company revealed the design of the phone so early. Back in May, we reported on a Pixel 7 prototype that had appeared on eBay.

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