Pixel Fold revealed in ad ahead of Google I/O

The Pixel Fold has been fully outed in a lengthy ad just ahead of its full unveiling.

We’re just hours away from Google I/O kicking off, where Google is expected to launch the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and a whole bunch of other things. The company’s belated entry to the foldable market, however, has already revealed itself.

The official Google Pixel US Twitter account has posted some teaser images for a promotional video that will show “the greatest watch party of all-time”, together with an incitement to “check back in tomorrow” (that’s today, presumably following the Google I/O event).

However, the link that’s then provided is to a very-much-active YouTube video. It’s a 2 minute 37 seconds Pixel Fold ad titled Google Pixel x NBA: The Greatest Watch Party. The star of the show is Google’s first foldable, in all its bendy-screened majesty.

We get some nice clean shots of the phone all folded up, which looks surprisingly compact. We also see the external screen serving to turn the main camera into a beast of a selfie cam.

Then there are the shots of the phone’s internal display, including some relatively hefty top and bottom bezels. At one point, these are used to show how good a larger screen is for Google’s Magic Eraser feature.

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We’re looking forward to Google I/O, but the company really does appear to have struggled with leaks this year, even from its own teams. There can’t be much left to reveal, can there? Tune in at 6PM BST/10AM PDT/7PM CEST to find out.

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