Pixel phone update is destroying battery life again

So, Google Pixel phone updates tend to break Google Pixel phones. We’ve known that for quite some time. However, the Pixel 7 series seemed to have lessened the self-inflicted wounds somewhat.

However, Google’s latest update for Pixel phones has done phone owners dirty once again, according to those who’ve taken to social media in the last couple of days.

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The June update appears to be causing battery drain and overheating issues, among other ailments, for Pixel owners explaining their woes on Reddit and the official Google support forums (via Droid Life). Many users say they’ve had to revert to charging the phone twice daily in order to maintain enough juice.

This happened last month with May’s Pixel update and Google had to roll out a quick fix on the back end. This time Google is yet to acknowledge the issue.

“Is it just me or is the phone suddenly draining faster, overheating for no reason,” wrote Achyuta_K. “The select text option isn’t working and a lot more bugs.”

R_5 added: “My battery has tanked in the last couple of days. Needs charge by the afternoon.”

The tales of woe go on as Intelligent-Ear 766 adds: “My idle drain is about 40% more compared to May. Not looking good.”

It’s quite telling, that many years into the Pixel product cycle, users are still dealing with these issues to the point there’s trepidation around installing the updates in the first place.

One user pointed out the June update added a bunch of extra problems with the device including Android Auto crashing, disconnecting WiFi and Bluetooth, paired devices disappearing, and bad call quality. Quite the laundry list.

While Google continues to make strides with the hardware, and the base version of Android is absolutely beloved, the company could probably do with more thoroughly testing the monthly updates before launching them to the public.

But it’s also worth pointing out not everyone is affected. Another Pixel 7 Pro user, u/joakimbo added: “No issues here. Battery life is exactly the same. Haven’t noticed any bugs, except calls dropping here and there (present since release. Probably not fixable because of lousy modem).”

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